Monday, October 05, 2009

In the Moment au Pub Bab-Ilo 17 octobre 2009

Here are 2 samples of this formation as recorded live at the open house of the Union de Musiciens de Jazz (UMJ), the Jazz musicians association last June.
We will be playing Saturday Oct.17th, details below. Come and join us.
Nazalia (S. Buchholz)
Liberty's Mama (U.A. Hansberry)

Saturday October 17, 2009 at 21h30

'IN THE MOMENT’ Jobic Le Masson - piano
Sebastian Buchholz - saxophones / clarinet contralto
Aldridge Hansberry - drums / flute
Bab-Ilo ‘Le Pub’
9 rue du Baigneur
75018 Paris
01 42 23 99 19
M° Château Rouge ou Jules Joffrin